Rape Bait Academy
"a secret club for girls who want to get raped"

If you are under 18 leave immediately. This is a rape fantasy (consensual non-consent) website. We do not advocate actual rape. Sluts, submissive women, and willing victims will be degraded, humiliated, and abused here. We don't care about political correctness or your feelings. Leave now if any of this offends you.

official blog: rapefantasyclub.tumblr.com

In 2014 I created my first blog after years of rape roleplay. Up until Tumblr I found most of my victims on craigslist. Rapecloset was a massive success quickly gaining thousands of followers, most of whom were females between the ages of 18-30. Before long girls stated coming to me from Tumblr and I started audio clips of my sessions with them. This lead to repeated requests from readers to help find partners for their own rape roleplays so I created rape bait academy. RBA is a curated network to make connections between potential Rapists and victims. We have members all over the world, mostly in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.